Call rates for inside the Netherlands

Please find below an overview of all rates of your Yellow Mobile subscription.The rates for calling and texting depend on your discount bundle. Mobile internet is included with the discount bundles GOLD and PLATINUM, with a maximum of 1GB.
The rates below are exclusively for usage within the Netherlands. All rates in EURO and including VAT.

Yellow MobileBasicGoldPlatinum
Every 30 days102050
Call to fixed and mobile numbersp/minute15 ct12 ct10 ct
Call to voicemailp/minute15 ct12 ct10 ct
Send SMSp/message15 ct12 ct10 ct
Mobile internetp/MB50 ctGratis *Gratis *
All calls are rounded per minute.* up to 1 GB per month. All rates in EURO and including VAT

Please look at the Yellow Mobile pricelist vfor detailed rates and conditions.

How does a discount bundle work?

• The costs for the discount bundle are deducted from your calling credit.
• In exchange you receive a data bundle of 1 GB and a 30-day credit to use all services, calling, texting and abroad.
• The data bundle and the discount credit are valid for 30 days.
• If your discount credit is depleted within these 30 days, your regular credit will be used. You will keep the discounted rates for calling within and to the Netherlands of either 10ct or 12ct.
• After 30 days you start paying the Yellow Basic rates.


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Call rates to foreign countries

Select a country which you want to call and discover how much money you can save when using Yellow Mobile.

Check call rates per number
Yellow Mobile gives you the most attractive rates ever! Fill in the complete international number, start with 00 and landcode, for example 0086 for China.
Now you see exactly what you pay for this number, possibly even lower than the country rate!

Top 20 countries.

CountryFixed line p/minuteMobile p/minuteSMS p/message
Afghanistan32 ct33 ct18 ct
Belgium11 ct35 ct18 ct
Bulgaria15 ct21 ct18 ct
China9 ct9 ct18 ct
Germany11 ct17 ct18 ct
Hong Kong9 ct9 ct18 ct
India12 ct12 ct18 ct
Japan15 ct28 ct18 ct
Korea, Republic of13 ct16 ct18 ct
Morocco23 ct45 ct18 ct
Netherlands Antilles20 ct21 ct18 ct
Poland11 ct19 ct18 ct
Romania12 ct41 ct18 ct
Spain11 ct20 ct18 ct
Suriname23 ct29 ct18 ct
Taiwan, Republic of China13 ct23 ct18 ct
Thailand15 ct15 ct18 ct
Turkey12 ct26 ct18 ct
United States11 ct11 ct18 ct
Viet Nam15 ct15 ct18 ct
all price-rates are in euro cent

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